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Villa Acacias was bought by Jonathan Leach in 2004. He is the third owner of this magnificent property. It was built at the turn of the century by the then French minister for transport, Albert Claville.  Claville was responsible for co-ordinating all the rivers of Europe and was the engineer who built the dam which remains the largest brick built dam in the world. You may notice that the same stonework on the dam basin is featured on the front of the Villa. Albert's memory is immortalised in stone off the Boulevard du 8 Mai in Bergerac.

When Jonathan bought the Villa it was a ruin. Over the next 10 years he worked unstintingly to sympathetically restore the house, incorporating as many of the original features as possible.  These include the interior doors, walnut staircase, the external toilet block and the gloriettes in the gardens to name but a few. 

He employed a local French interior designer to give the house a traditional French feel and built an Oak Heritage Lodge in the garden. An infinity pool for the villa and a hot tub at the lodge were some modern-day features which were added so that visitors could make the most of long summer days and balmy evenings.

Jonathan and his team continually work to improve the Villa. He hopes you will come to visit, so that you too can enjoy the house and its surroundings as much as he does.


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“Make Yourself at Home!"
Villa Acacias is owned
maintained by Jonathan Leach & team

M. Apadakis

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